Dear Diary: East Meets West

Hello beautifuls!

I am writing this post today, in a state of extreme happiness, pure joy and a sentiment that has left me feeling honoured and proud to be a part of this wonderful community we call Hamilton.

I had the absolute honour of meeting with the wonderful Sheryl Nadler from Hamilton Spectator, to chat with her for her Who What Wear section of the paper. I was left almost ecstatic when she reached out to me and said she would love to feature me in her column/section. Me? Really? Are you sure? Thats basically what went through my head as we exchanged emails back and forth.

I met with the wonderful photographer herself earlier this week to shoot an outfit that basically represented me and my style. Something that would reflect what i stand for in a snapshot.

And of course. I had only one motive in mind. To tell my story. To tell my readers, where i came from, how i transitioned to become the person i am today and what i hope to continue to strive for as we go through this beautiful yet challenging process of ‘growing up.’

For the actual article itself, click here.

Obviously i chose to go back to my roots, my culture and my Hometown/Country. Being a Pakistani/Canadian, i have always felt a strong urge to stay true to my origin. Now trust me, when i say this, it has been a deliberate effort.

When trying to ‘fit in’ there were times, when all i wanted to do was to NOT stand out. NOT be that girl with a deeper skin tone, or that oddly draped shirt, or that shalwar that no one could recognize or understand. But life has a funny way of teaching you a lesson.

As i went through my undergraduate years (and my friends will attest to this), i changed. I continue to change today, primarily because of an active regime involving self-reflection, logs and meditation. But i did change. And the latter years saw a change so drastic, sometimes i would take a double take looking at myself in the mirror. And no, i don’t mean it in a ‘oh i look so good, flip my hair’ kind of a way.

I started to realize the importance of not faking it. I started to realize the importance of not merely trying to fit in, to change who i was, streamline my traits to fit the overlying norm. Needless to say, all of that made me really unhappy. It made me lose touch with myself and made me super unconfident in my own skin. And  i guess you could say, that it was that act of self-reflection that led me to this change. Led me to become who i am today.

Now trust me. All i would like to do here is talk about this ‘journey.’ But i’m not sure if you guys are still reading. Ooops. #rambler. So i’ll stop. And share a few pictures of the outfit i chose for the shoot.


I Outfit Details I Top: Express I Cardigan: DAS I Pants: Generation I Necklace: Aldo I Choker: Topshop I Rings: Pakistan I Shoes: Street Vendor, Pakistan I Bag: Khaadi I

So here’s my ensemble. A modern take utilizing more traditional elements. I love the embroidery and the flare on the pants, the femininity of the shoes and of course the cardigan that i designed myself. Its black and white, my most favourite colour palette with a pop of red on the lips and purse. Classic Dania.

Hope you guys liked this post!

Let me know if you would like me to ramble some more about my journey. Because you know, this is basically like my diary.

Love you all so much!

Until Next Time,

Stay safe, Stay gorgeous!

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Dear Diary: Straight Outta K-Town

So like, guess who’s repping all black again? Well almost all black? mhmmm, not me that’s for sure😮

As if i couldn’t possibly add yet another black item to my wardrobe, guess who’s back at it again with the black? Damn Dania. Oops. #sorrynotsorry.

But there’s a reason this black t-shirt is close and dear to my heart. Any guesses? Any? Do i hear anything? Yaasssssssss … Because it says Karachi duhhh. Aka my birth town. Aka my love. Aka my city. Ofcourse i’d be out here reppin. #foreverandalways.

But don’t worry. I hear you rolling your eyes, sighing and totally judging me for totally stepping out of the box.


And that’s perhaps why i added this yellow jacket/outerwear on top. And here’s the best part, it was only $15 from Zara. Holla at me sale season. I basically fell in love with the vibrant yellow and obviously thought it would elevate my outfit perhaps fooling you into thinking i put an effort.

But here i am, exposing myself. As always.


I Outfit Details I T-shirt: Gul Ahmed (Pakistan) I Pants: French Connection I Outerwear: Zara I Sunglasses: Aldo I Shoes: Nike I

Hope you’re all fantabulous my lovelies! And trooping through this Mondaze. Lord knows i’m trying.

Until Next Time!

Stay safe, Stay beautiful!


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Dear Diary: Out of Bounds

So i’ve always steered clear from mixing prints. Mainly because, it always seemed a little too crazy to my detail oriented eye.

But as of late, all rules have basically been thrown out the window. At least for me. I’ve been trying really hard not to fixate on minor details, focus less on whether or not its mind blowing-ly pretty and do what i want to do. Ya feel? (Cue me creating new words. Breaking rules left, right and center here.)

And this combination was definitely one of those instances where i thought i should break out of my comfort zone and hop on to the crazy side. The vest may or may not have been a desperate attempt to tone it down a notch, but alls good if no one ever finds out? Except for you guys ofcourse. But, Shush.

Okay? Okay.

IMG_2320IMG_2324IMG_2325IMG_2326IMG_2336IMG_2335IMG_2334IMG_2327IMG_2338I Outfit Details I Top: DANIAASLAMSHAIKH I Pants: Aritzia I Vest: Hudson’s Bay I Shoes: Vans I Sunglasses: Aldo I

Jummat-ul-wida mubarak to all those muslims celebrating this blessed day. Ramadan is almost coming to an end and its been a super fast one. I truly hope this month was full of blessings, ease and all things good for you guys!

Hope you’re all as excited for Eid as i am.

ALSO, HAPPY CANADA DAY TO ALL MY FELLOW CANADIANS. I don’t know what i’d do if it weren’t for this beautiful country.

Stay safe my lovelies!

Until Next Time,

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Hello loves!

We’re back at Tuesday again and i’m seriously questioning if i was ever given a weekend? Why did it literally pass in a second? Why?!

I know most of life’s questions will remain unanswered so i guess i should try and move on? Yes?



Here’s a shoot i recently did with one of our local Hamilton based photographers Nicole🙂 I’ll link her social media below for you guys to check out but you should know, she’s only the most adorable person on the planet. Oh and talented too! See for yourself🙂

Dania MixtapeDania27Dania6DaniaDania5Dania16Dania10Dania34

I Outfit Details I Top: Zara I Coat: custom made I Pants: Urban Outfitters I Shoes: Aldo I Necklace: Aldo I

Photographer: Nicole Brown

Hope you guys are doing fantastical.

Love you guys!

Until Next Time,

Take care❤
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Muhammad Ali (1942 – 2016)

“I’ve wrestled with alligators. I’ve tussled with a whale.
I done handcuffed lightning and throw thunder in jail.
You know I’m bad. Just last week, I murdered a rock,
injured a stone, hospitalised a brick.
I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.” – Muhammad Ali


Rest In Peace You Legend!

Hold that Stop

I don’t know if you guys are familiar with the Vancouver based duo, To the 9’s, but let me tell you, those two are my absolute favourite.

Not only do they have this indescribable super power of thrifting the most fantabulous pieces, but their style is literally everything i love and more. I kid you not. I think i’m a little obsessed.

So if by chance you haven’t seen their videos (in which case, you really should), they are embracers of all things minimal, comfortable and well addordable! (for the most part)

And when i found these culottes at urban outfitters, i immediately imagined myself to have joined their little duo. Minimal, with a touch of paisley (okay, maybe more than a touch), here’s how i paired the culottes i immediately fell in love with. And oh, the shirt just would happen to be my design🙂


I Outfit Details I Pants: Urban Outfitters I Shirt: DaniaAslamShaikh I Shoes: Nike (bought at Aritzia) I Sunnies: Aldo I

Sorry my run down nikes had to have their shining moment. I have literally worn them to death this past few months, and while the inner tomboy in me could never be suppressed anyways, these nikes allow me to remain a little casual, a little active and a whole lot comfortable.

Ps. In case you were wondering, i’m wearing Nyx’s Liquid Suede lipstick in ‘Stone Fox’

Hope you’re all trooping successfully through the week! Lord knows i’m trying.

Until Next Time my loves!

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